Assisting infants and  their mothers affected by family violence

Assisting infants and their mothers affected by family violence

Crisis accommodation workers are often the first point of contact for mothers and their infants seeking refuge from family violence. While shelters provide the physical safety, workers within them have an opportunity to provide much-needed emotional safety for these infants and their mothers, beginning with acknowledging that infants are affected by family violence.

This free informative resource, which was released in January 2012, promotes working with infants who have been traumatised by their experience of family violence, while strengthening attachment relationships between the mothers and babies who seek refuge accommodation. It consists of a comprehensive workbook and DVD, and aims to change the way workers "see" babies and infants within their services, and have a lasting impact on the incredibly important work that they do.

Refuge for Babies in Crisis workbook
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Hard copies of the workbook and a DVD, as well as accompanying posters and flyers, are also available and can be ordered by calling 03 9371 6600 or emailing

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