Ending family violence: a community responsibility

Ending family violence: a community responsibility

Respect women: Call it out

To end family violence we need to recognise how it starts. It starts with a lack of respect for women. Whether it’s just a joke or a passing remark, when a mate says something about women that you think isn’t right, let him know about it.

Speak up. Staying silent means you accept what he said, and he gets away with it. You don’t have to say much, just something.

Change the story

Ending violence against women starts with gender equality. We can change the story that currently sees a woman murdered every week by a current or former partner. We can choose a future where women and their children live free from violence, says the national organisation Our Watch, set up to drive cultural change around family violence.


There's nothing good about dads who abuse women

Witnessing family violence and disrespectful behaviour towards women perpetuates violence in the next generation. More than two-thirds (68%) of mothers who had children in their care when they experienced violence from their previous partner said their children had seen or heard the violence.

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