We need your help!

McAuley Community Services for Women, along with other homelessness and family violence services, are calling on the Federal Government to develop a national affordable housing and homelessness strategy.


The National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) provides for $230 million in funding for frontline homelessness services across Australia, shared evenly by federal and state/territory governments.

Late last year, the Federal Government provided a limited extension to the NPAH and called it 'transitional' with services now being funded up until 30 June 2018. This is a good first step towards the long-term certainty we need to start reducing homelessness in Australia - but it is only a first step.

There are many factors driving more and more members of our community into housing crisis and homelessness every day. At McAuley House, the majority of women coming in have experienced family violence. They are all homeless, and many have complex health issues.

Without a strong homelessness support system we cannot prevent people becoming homeless nor can we successfully support people to put homelessness behind them and move on with their lives.

What is required

We need to develop a new national affordable housing and homelessness strategy in consultation with services, peaks and people with a lived experience of homelessness. Without this national coordination we will not turn around increasing homelessness.

We need long-term funding certainty so services can get on with the important work of preventing and ending homelessness for individuals and families.

What you can do

Sign the national petition


Write to your local MP asking them to commit to five years of funding for the National Partnership on Homelessness and to ensure the continuation of the National Affordable Housing Agreement. Contacts are available by clicking this link. 

Send your message via the Prime Minister’s website

Email the Treasurer Scott Morrison

Email the Minister for Social Services Christian Porter