Champions of Change

McAuley Community Services for Women has initiated the Champions of Change program to recognise and celebrate the significant contributions that individuals are making as they raise awareness about family violence and homelessness and the effect on women and children.

The program is our way of supporting community campaigns and individuals working with and for us. 

Our program is about recognising people who speak out at forums, hold awareness raising events, talk with politicians and the media in a bid to bring about social and cultural change through mobilising communities.

Each Champion of Change, whether working individually, or in a group, is creating a positive impact through their leadership.

Champions of Change 2015 

Elizabeth Grossi-Rodriguez             
Belinda Lim             
Peter Fraser
Michael Jones             
Nick Poole             
Toby Potter             
Scott Walker             
Laura Held             
Jodie Holckner             
Sandra Jacobs             
Eleni Karamihos
Amanda Oliver
Sarah Orloff  
Monique Rosshandler             
Emily Slade             
Kim Thurlow

For more information about the program and the inaugural Champions of Change, visit

Our 2015 Champions of Change announced at the Annual Public Meeting on October 28 2015.

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