Youth Ambassadors

McAuley Community Services for Women has initiated the Social Justice Youth Ambassadors program to celebrate young leaders who are united in their commitment to ending family violence and homelessness for women and children.

The Social Justice Youth Ambassadors are, in their own way, advancing solutions to these two major community problems.

They are raising their voices, as well as funds for McAuley Community Services for Women, to educate their own communities at school, home, in church, and local clubs.

Together, they are a formidable force in bringing about change. Individually, they are doing their bit to empower and engage other young people to make a difference.

The ultimate goal of our Social Justice Youth Ambassadors program is to nurture our young leaders to become the change makers that we teach them about.

Social Justice Youth Ambassadors 2015

Clare Myers                 
Josh Pardo
Stephanie Rutter                 
Stephanie Salvatore  
Stephanie White

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Our 2015 Social Justice Youth Ambassadors announced at the Annual Public Meeting on October 28 2015. 

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