Family celebrate at OLMC High Tea

Many family memories were stirred when Sr Carmel Heagerty RSM saw her mother’s collection among the exquisite collection of china donated to Our Lady of Mercy College Heidelberg (OLMC).

Carmel, a Sister of Mercy who works at McAuley Community Services for Women, attended the afternoon High Tea with her sister and three nieces. They were all former students of OLMC.

Carmel’s family had together reached a decision to hand over a beautiful collection belonging to Carmel’s mother Tess. They will now used by OLMC at various functions, as well as the recent High Tea.

Carmel says it was a thrill to walk in and see them showcased on the white linen tables alongside hundreds of other lovely pieces. Like many families, they spent time trying to work out find the pieces which were ‘theirs’.

The treasured items held particular significance for the family. They included cups and saucers that had been given to Carmel’s parents as an engagement present more than 70 years ago, as well as some that were gifts when they later celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Still in beautiful condition, the pieces had always been lovingly kept. ‘They were brought out for special family birthdays and celebrations when the rich blessings of family, friends and stories were shared and enjoyed,’ says Carmel.

Though there was inevitably a little pang when the Heagerty family decided to ‘gift’ the collection, this was more than compensated by the knowledge that they will continue to be shared and bring pleasure to others. ‘They will generate more memories and still more stories,’ Carmel says.