Help create brighter futures for women

McAuley Works is seeking progressive, socially conscious employers to assist women returning to work by providing flexible employment and work experience opportunities.

We will provide your business with job ready participants who are aware of their responsibilities as an employee and have undergone basic level training in topics such as Occupational Health and Safety or First Aid. Depending on their circumstances, candidates may also have access to other training to ensure they meet your business needs and comply with the minimum requirements for your industry.

Our employment workers will remain in regular contact with you to ensure that both you and your new employee are fully supported during the early stages of the employment process, and to assist you in addressing any issues which may arise.

If you can provide employment or work experience opportunities for women participating in the McAuley Works program or would like more information, please call 03 9371 6600 or email

Alternatively, contact us using the form below.

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