McAuley Works - changing women's lives

The dream of a job and financial independence can seem out of reach for the majority of women who are experiencing family violence and who are homeless. But it doesn't have to be. 

Our goal at McAuley Works is to make a difference to the life of each woman we assist,  through our various services or for those women who are referred to us from other agencies.           

Our McAuley Works team is specially trained in working with women who are homeless or experiencing family violence. We work with the women to develop vital job ready skills, preparing them for interviews and bolstering the confidence they need to gain jobs in the open market.

We run an intensive and personalised program to help women secure jobs and build financial capability. This includes:

  • Resume preparation
  • Interview training
  • Referrals for interview
  • Job seeking skills
  • Obtaining work experience
  • Post placement support

Our aim is to support each woman into long-term sustainable employment, and our support continues until this is achieved.

One McAuley Works participant, Jenny, said,  “A job is my way out of this nightmare. A job means I have money to pay the rent, buy food and clothes, pay the bills….it’s my ticket to sanity and freedom.”

McAuley Community Services for Women ran McAuley Works from 2011 until mid 2015. Of the 201 women who accessed the program in that period, 134 were placed in employment and 88 went onto Vocational Training and Education programs.                    

McAuley Works restarted in 2017 thanks to funding by the Victorian Government through the Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN).                




For any further information  please contact Justine Connelly on 0409 934 335 or email

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