16 Days Against Violence Campaign Day 10

Intervention orders should be active immediately

Rebecca* has few friends and limited social support. She is recovering from a drug addiction and has stopped contact with friends who continue to use. She came to McAuley Community Services for Women’s 24/7 crisis service after her former partner attempted to run her over in a car at their house. The partner had a gun. The police were called and removed her from the house immediately due to safety concerns.

She had never attempted to leave her partner before, not wishing to put the children at risk and not thinking he would be that dangerous. Without the McAuley Community Services for Women 24/7 crisis service, she would not have left because she had nowhere else to go. She has no intention of returning home.

Rebecca has a temporary, six-month intervention order (IVO) in place and needs to return to court to extend it.

Her former partner has breached the IVO, using technology to get around it.

She believes that perpetrators who breach IVOs should be served with jail sentences. She also suggests that people experiencing family violence should not have to go to court to apply for an IVO.

Rebecca is now working hard to have her three children back with her.

They were taken into foster care due to the violence and drugs.

According to Rebecca, the children are safe now. The youngest is now speaking. Her daughter is blossoming at school. Her young son shows signs of violence but is being helped with this. 

Rebecca* is note this woman's real name.