16 Days Against Violence Campaign Day 12

Seeing hope for all women

Emma Schauder is a woman on a mission. She is an artist who is using her whimsical art talents to create a set of greeting cards for McAuley Community Services for Women. She is drawing her inspiration from the stories she has heard about the women supported by us, as well as from children’s storybook illustrations and other texts.

Womanhood by Sally Osborne has been a driving force for my feminine characters. I love her whimsical style of drawing and painting, mixed with pastel and collage. It represents the inner child in each of us.”

Emma is a mother of five, a teacher and is studying to become a psychologist. At the centre of each of these roles is womanhood.

“When I think of women, thoughts of home maker, strength and beauty come to mind. So do the words safe and cherish. Each of us is entitled to a roof and a safe environment in which to live,” she said.

“These fundamentals build self worth and enable us to fulfil our potential in this world. I’m deeply against any act of violence, intimidation or manipulation that would compromise this.”

Creating a set of greeting cards for McAuley Community Services for Women has been an exciting process for Emma.

“The yellow rose has appeared in some of the designs as the Mercy rose, symbolising growth. It is bright and layered. The rose is a perfect fit with what I want from the cards, that every person who receives a card can feel valued and appreciated for their contribution,” Emma said.

“I also want them to know that McAuley believes in a bright and happy future for every woman.”

Emma’s cards include the McAuley girl, whom she has nicknamed McAuley Rose, is a symbol of hope herself.

“She’s vibrant, colourful and whimsical in style. Turned on her heels with an upturned shoulder and pouted lips, she is going places,” Emma said.