16 Days Against Violence Campaign Day 15

Will's Ride to Break the Cycle of Violence 

Will Beck’s recreational walk/ride up the east coast of Australia all changed when he decided to do it for charity. “I was physically depleted each night, but each day I couldn’t have been happier knowing I was doing this for something important.” The something important was McAuley Community Services for Women and two other charities.

Will, from Melbourne began walking from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains in late February this year and ended at Noosa, 2000km north, in May.He took up the walk to try and simplify his life and get away from the ‘clutter’ that had begun to surround him. Along the track in Byron Bay he met a friend, Safi McArthey-Adal and the pair completed the last 400kms to Noosa walking together.

Before arriving in Noosa on foot he had decided to buy a bicycle and continue the journey from Noosa to Cairns on two wheels. With encouragement from his girlfriend, Kaitlyn Krahe, a former student at Our Lady of Mercy College in Heidelberg, Will decided to make the ride a money maker for charities, including McAuley, also a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy.

“I had not heard about McAuley Community Services for Women, but when Kaitlyn told me about their work I looked it up on the website and thought it was amazing the support given to women who had to escape violence,” Will said.

Kaitlyn organized the trip as Willmoved up the coast and he posted fliers in each town, happy to stop and chat to people about his reason for riding. Kaitlyn also did social media, which was responsible for most of the donations.

“I don’t think I have ever felt happier because I had such a purpose to my day. At night I was exhausted but really happy with what I had done,” Will said.

Will’s ride raised $4500.

Will is back in Melbourne after covering 3800kms in 50 days. He recently visited McAuley House and met some of the women and realized his ride had certainly been worthwhile. He is now working delivering food on his bike for a catering company, still trying hard to ‘keep it simple’.

Caption: McAuley Community Services for Women CEO Jocelyn Bignold with Will and Kaitlyn.