16 Days Against Violence Campaign Day 2

Fund a safe at home service across Victoria  

Inadequate safety measures and resources are currently forcing large numbers of women and children to leave the family home or to remain trapped in violent homes. While progress has been made over the last decade by successive government reforms, the reality is that the response is inadequately resourced, and laws to keep women and children safe are inconsistently applied. 

Our first recommendation action to end violence against women and their children is for Government to fund a comprehensive, fully resourced safe at home response across Victoria.  

This would include a suite of measures including ensuring our police and court staff are properly trained; adequately resourced and able to respond swiftly. Our courts are effectively integrated and that intervention orders are prioritised over other legal matters. 

We also want to see women and children given access to technology to make them safer and to give them a greater sense of security.. Their homes should be made safe with additional safety measures, like new locks and alarms. Rent assistance should be made available to women who are unable to afford rental on their own.  

Funding should also be made available to assist women return to work and children to school, and to receive counselling.