16 Days Against Violence Campaign Day 6

Fund additional crisis accommodation for women and children

At the moment women and children escaping family violence are placed in motel accommodation due to a lack of crisis accommodation throughout Victoria. Research shows that between 37-50% of women and children leaving the motel are returning home to the perpetrator.

In direct contrast, 2% of the women leaving our safe house return to the perpetrator. In addition, the costs of the motel response are high - not only with the initial costs of motel accommodation, but in the subsequent likelihood of further cycles of violence; further police and courts response; and additional trauma to women and children.

We run Victoria’s only 24/7 accessible safe house thanks to community funding to keep it open around the clock.

We say that the best way to support women in their decision making is to provide a safe and secure environment which attends to theirs and their children’s immediate needs. This means funding more crisis accommodation. It represents a far more effective solution in terms of both cost and results.

“We call on government to fund at least another 50 crisis beds each night, as well as support for women and children, modeled on our family violence solutions. Funding should also be made available to assess and support women to return home safely where possible,” Jocelyn Bignold, CEO of McAuley Community Services for Women said.