A happy birthday every month

"To have some many people be there and celebrate your birthday with you just means so much," Jenna*, a McAuley House resident, says.

Every month, McAuley House holds a birthday night to celebrate the birthdays of staff and residents whose special days fall within the month. Happy birthdays are sung, cakes are cut, candles are blown out and presents are opened.

Celebrating important life events is one of the many ways McAuley House supports residents.

"At McAuley House, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and community spirit," Leonie Lawrence, Recreational Worker at McAuley House, says.

"Birthday nights are a really special occasion. Some women have never received a birthday card, let alone a present, so it's a really lovely way to ensure those that have no one to celebrate with feel special and cared for on their birthday."

"Activities such as birthday night help women to become more confident and be more sociable."

"Even women who no longer live at McAuley House still come and celebrate each month."

*Name has been changed