CEO Christmas message

Even though we shouldn't be astounded any more at the community generosity at Christmas time, the sight of the donations that have been pouring in over the past few weeks still overwhelms, surprises, and moves us.

These gifts have been chosen with care and thoughtfulness, and with real empathy for the women and children we support. For many children, these will be the only presents they receive on Christmas Day, a very difficult and sometimes lonely time for those whose lives have been disrupted by violence and trauma. Knowing that strangers do care enough to take time for these acts of kindess restores hope and a sense of belonging - things that are just as important as the gifts themselves.

And one particular donation - of pre-loved computers from St Joseph's Primary School Northcote - has great potential benefit for children. Children arriving at our safe house to escape family violence have frequently left home with no possessions. They have been abruptly uprooted from home, school and friends, may have missed a month or more of schooling while living in motel rooms, and their education is likely to suffer simply because they need to be kept safe from violence. So these computers will be invaluable in helping us keeping them engaged with their education and learning.

I'd like to thank you all for the massive support for our organisation both now and throughout 2018. We hope it will continue into 2019 as I can assure you it makes a real difference to the lives of women and children who would otherwise be facing bleak futures.