Chocolate's Back on the Menu

Self-confessed chocoholic Anura Logan travelled overseas and visited some countries well known for their quality chocolate. Then she came home to Melbourne and it was still everywhere she looked- in a wrapped block, a jar of spread or a steaming cup - couverture, dark, white, milk, bitter or flavoured. Chocolate is everywhere, but Anura managed to resist it for the holy month of Ramadan to support McAuley Community Services for Women. On Friday, once Ramadan ended and Eid al-Fitr began, Anura gave up giving up chocolate.
“I decided to give up chocolate and all chocolate products during fasting hours in Ramadan and anyone who knows me, knows what that means. I can devour a half jar of Nutella in one sitting - easy,” Anura said.

Each year Anura, a stock market analyst with Endeavor Asset Management Pty Ltd in Melbourne, and her friend Nabila Farhat, both Muslim, pick an organisation to support during Ramadan. This year they decided to raise money for McAuley Community Services for Women because of its capacity to help women, regardless of their religious traditions, fleeing family violence and also because of Anura’s links with the Mercy Sisters.

Anura was educated at Academy of Mary Immaculate School in Fitzroy. The college was established by Mercy Sister Ursula Frayne, and opened in 1857. More than 135 years later the Mercy Sisters founded Mercy Care which became McAuley Community Services for Women. Anura is proud of her own continuing association with the work of the Sisters.

Although Ramadan is over, Anura and Nabila have extended their fundraising period for a couple of weeks as Anura’s holiday meant she was unable to get as many sponsors as usual.

“We aim to raise $1000 each and half of my donations usually come from the same supporters. The other amount I have to get by asking new sponsors,” She said. “A lot of people want to support me because the reality of family violence is touching so many people and families.”

Anura said supporting charities was a pillar of her Islamic faith and has now become an important part of Ramadan for her and Nabila. To sponsor Anura, go to: