Christmas Wish List

November 2015 

McAuley Community Services for Women works with hundreds of women in our own facilities, but also women in the community. Our staff works with women to help them move from our refuge or safe house into private or State housing.

Many of these women have nothing, so setting up home again is a huge financial burden and we try to help whenever we can. Mostly, that happens with support from the community. Each year an amazing group of people, many anonymously, donate new sheets, towels, kitchenware, blankets, quilts and appliances.

We have a Wish List and we are hoping our many generous supporters can help provide the following:


Visa debit cards

Clothes vouchers for Kmart, Coles/Myer etc

10 new microwaves

Bean bags (and beans!)

Visa gift cards

Kitchen items such as steamers, blenders, cake mixers

Vouchers for movies/ gifts cards/ zoo passes

Summer gear- Swimmers/ sunglasses/ thongs

Board games

Sports gear- balls/ cricket sets/ bats etc

Bras and underwear



Sim cards and used phones

Diaries and stationary

Thank you for any support you can offer our womenover this difficult time.