Employment helped Fiona start a new life with her baby daughter

Fiona* was caught in a devastating cycle.

Because she was homeless, her baby daughter was in the care of the Department of Human Services.

"All I wanted was to have my baby back – that was my number one priority – but there were so many barriers that stood between us," Fiona explained.

"I needed a house to regain custody of my daughter, but without a job, securing housing was impossible."

While Fiona's daughter was an Australian citizen, Fiona was not so she was ineligible for any government benefits.

Fiona's life changed, however, when she was referred to McAuley Works in May 2012.

"The McAuley Works employment workers were so proactive and supportive. They were there to help me overcome every obstacle, every step of the way," Fiona said.

"By December, I had a secure job, a safe home and my daughter back. McAuley Works has been lifesaving."

$3000 is all it takes for the McAuley Works program to help one woman become financially independent.

The program currently receives no government funding, so please donate now and help us to assist women to gain financial independence and establish safe and stable futures for them and their children.

*Name has been changed