Federal Government has to commit to homelessness funding

The lack of certainty about funding to address homelessness has to end, according to our CEO Jocelyn Bignold. The National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) has funded the sector since 2009 and currently provides $115 million each year, matched by state and territory governments.

However there is financial uncertainty currently with no details yet revealed about whether funding is to be extended beyond June 2017.

Ms Bignold said: “If the agreement, due to expire July next year, is not renewed, it will see the loss of $115 million in federal government funding, along with matched state funds.”

“The cuts would see 80,000 Australians missing out on crisis support and housing, including women and children escaping family violence.”

Ms Bignold said that McAuley Community Services for Women has seen demand for its services grow, together with a rise of more people sleeping on the streets.

We have launched a postcard campaign – Homelessness should never the safer option – which focuses on making sure that women and children escaping family violence are able to be safe and housed, quickly and effectively.

“We are calling for a commitment to extend and increase funding through the NPAH for the Federal Government to appoint a Minister dedicated to Homelessness and Housing, and to develop a long-term plan for affordable housing across Australia,” Ms Bignold said.

McAuley, along with other organisations in the sector, wish to see any extension of funding to be indexed and locked in for five years, rather than two.

Postcards are available from our office at 18 Robertson Street, Kensington or by ringing (03) 9371 6600.

5 December 2016