Good fellows

Our McAuley Works program has achieved impressive recognition with the awarding of two Victorian government fellowships for research and study. The awards will enable case managers Lorraine and Victoria to travel overseas to learn from best practice in supporting people from disadvantaged communities into sustainable work.

McAuley Works Program Coordinator Justine is thrilled that the skills and dedication of the team members have been acknowledged in this way. ‘It shows that our work is held in high regard. Lorraine and Victoria have done outstanding work with a very disadvantaged and challenging cohort.’

Justine says a recent example of the commitment and patience of her team was in seeing a woman finally start work this month. Despite her skillset the woman, a single mum from outer Melbourne, just couldn’t catch a break – largely because of her cultural background.

‘She faced racism, daily vilification and public insults,’ says Justine. ‘The team’s work with her in maintaining her motivation was incredible. They spent many hours, clocked up many miles, and it was her own commitment and their support that helped her succeed eventually.’

As part of her fellowship, later this year Victoria (pictured at left) will be travelling to the United States of America, while Lorraine (at right) is heading to the United Kingdom. In each case they will be looking at what's being trialled in diverse and disadvantaged cities and what's considered best practice, bringing fresh and new ideas back to our own workplace.

It’s a requirement of their fellowship that Lorraine and Victoria must create blogs about their travels, which will take place in the second half of this year, so look out for links to them through our social media as they take up this terrific opportunity. They can now call themselves ‘Fellows for Life’. Congratulations Lorraine and Victoria.

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