Harold 'the legend' brings joy

Lort Smith's pet therapy team Sylvia and Harold were spoilt with Christmas goodies when they arrived at McAuley House for their most recent visit.

Sylvia and Harold - a Maltese cross who is a former rescue dog - have been visiting us since July, and they always receive a rockstar welcome.

‘Harold is like a celebrity when he arrives, and to share the joy that he gives to others has me leaving each visit absolutely grinning,' says Sylvia.

'It is so beautiful how Harold knows his role and adores the attention, and brings out the fake leg injury and all to maximise cuddles. He is so at home there.'

We were startled to hear that Harold's leg injury is fake!! But the pair are 'part of the McAuley family and a real asset to our Skills for Life program,' says our Social Inclusion Worker Shivani.

'Thanks again for all the wonderful work Lort Smith does. Most importantly, heartfelt thanks to Harold and Sylvia for being legends.'

Sylvia and Harold are just one of the 95 incredible Pet Therapy teams who volunteer their time to visit around 60 facilities across Melbourne and surrounds, sharing the love only a furry friend can. You can read more about their work at www.lortsmith.com/volunteer/pettherapy