High Tea cooking with Nicky

Celebrity chef Nicky Riemer, co-owner of the one-hatted restaurant Union Dining, is sharing some of her favourite high tea recipes with all Victorians in support of McAuley Community Services for Women’s High Tea appeal.

Nicky, who is a supporter of our appeal, was on 774 ABC Melbourne's Foodie Tuesday segment with Raf Epstein on May 31 talking high teas.

“We all can do something to stem the tide of family violence and homelessness,” Nicky said.

The McAuley Community Services for Women high tea appeal gives Nicky the chance to support women and children escaping family violence as well as sharing her love of food and cooking. 

"I love a ‘High Tea’, after living in Hong Kong where the afternoon High Tea is a major part of the weekend social calendar, to my last holiday decadence of taking my Mum to a Champagne High Tea in The Palm Room at The Plaza Hotel in New York, you can’t go past an afternoon of cake, sandwiches and tea!," she said.

"But you can do a High Tea at home. So I have put together my Ten Tips for some treats to prepare at home for a High Tea get together … Not a big expensive event…. Just a tasty one!!"

Nicky's 10 High Tea Tips 

  1. Op Shops are the best source for great tea cup and saucers, tea pots and old cake stands.
  2. Don’t forget about Chinese tea for a different tea option, much better for digestion!
  3. Strawberries dipped in chocolate then allowed to set in the fridge make a quick sweet sensation.
  4. Left over roast chicken finely chopped up and tossed in mayonnaise with loads of freshly chopped spring onions with a splash of lemon juice makes the best sandwich filling.
  5. Be decadent and buy a loaf of brioche from a baker. Then toast thick slices, cut into squares and pop on some chopped avocado mixed with sour cream and green Tabasco, then a soft boiled egg cut in half for a posh “open egg sandwich”. Boil the eggs for 5 minutes and chill in iced cold water to make the best cold soft boiled egg, the yolk will still be soft.
  6. Equal parts of sparkling wine, soda and freshly squeezed orange juice make for a refreshing take on the traditional Mimosa cocktail, and not too alcoholic with the addition of soda!
  7. Fresh fruit purees mixed in soda water, like watermelon or pineapple pureed in a blender then mixed with soda water with loads of picked mint then poured over iced in a big jug are a nice addition to a High Tea alongside your tea and cakes. Refreshing too!
  8. Buy a simple plain banana bread from your favourite deli, slice in squares and top with lemon curd and whipped cream.
  9. Don’t forget the humble cucumber. Cut in big chunks, scoop out the seeds so you have a ready made little “cucumber cup”. Fill with chopped up hard boiled egg mixed with Japanese mayonnaise (Kewpie) and sesame seeds for crunch.
  10. And finally, everyone loves a little sausage roll. To make your own you just need to buy some puff pastry from a deli or supermarket, buy some of your favourite pork sausages from the butcher. Then at home you pull the sausage filling out of the skin and shape into a long log about the diatmeter of the sausage it used to be, then lay that on some rolled out puff pastry, roll over and seal with a little whisked egg and water mix. Cut the log into bite size pieces. Then brush the outside of the pieces with more of the egg mix, put on a non stick baking tray and bake in a hot oven till the pastry turns golden, about 15 to 20 minutes. A crowd pleaser for sure!