High Tea for Mums Group

Melbourne woman Jackie Arbuckle is a supporter of McAuley Community Services for Women, donating much-needed goods over the years. Now it's time to have a cuppa and raise some money for the organisation.

Jackie Arbuckle said: “I love the work of McAuley Community Services for Women. I have donated towels and bedding to them for a few years now and just heard about their High Tea fundraiser. It is always so much fun having friends over to have a cup of tea”.

“At my High Tea in May there will be eight or so toddlers with eight mummies so any theme may be quickly destroyed by the adventurous children!”

“I’ll be providing lots of fruit for the kids, and healthy slices for them to munch on. Some sweet treats for the mums. I usually knock up a batch of honey joys, and someone is sure to bake something amazing to bring. We have a pretty awesome group of mums that like baking,” she added.

Find out more about the High Tea Appeal and how to register.