High Tea with a French Twist

When teenager Clare Myers heard about the High Tea Appeal, she knew it was her opportunity to put her favourite French cakes and nutella on the menu. 
“The French love nutella and so do I, but my mum never buys it so here was my chance to raise funds for McAuley Community Services for Women AND enjoy crepes with nutella,” she said.

The 16 year-old volunteered last year at McAuley House which gave her insight into some of the issues that older women face when they have been homeless for a long time.

“Before I volunteered, I hadn’t realised that women were homeless, because I thought homelessness was people living on the street,” she said.

“The experience at McAuley House was an eye-opener and it made me determined to learn more about the issue as well as do what I can to support and talk about what McAuley does.”

Clare said her volunteering gave her the chance to talk with the women, write poetry, sing and help out staff with their filing and other administration.

“I heard some amazing stories which made me think very hard. Some of the stories were sad but most were inspiring – all the women I met had experienced family violence which made me sad.”

Her experience propelled her to run 5 kilometres in the 2014 Melbourne Marathon with some of her school friends to raise funds for the organisation. Now she is turning her hand to making cakes and persuading a French cake shop to donate macaroons for her High Tea in Paris.

“I’m hoping to raise over $1,000 which will go towards keeping women and children safe. I could not imagine being homeless and I don’t like the fact that women and children are homeless because of violence.”

Her next mission is to run in the Melbourne Marathon again for McAuley Community Services for Women, but this time run 10 kilometres. She is busy signing up schoolmates from Carey Baptist Grammar School to join her.