Independent living skills program gets a boost

Setting women up for success who have been traumatised by family violence is not as simple as providing them with safe accommodation.

As Jocelyn Bignold, CEO of McAuley says: “Family violence and childhood trauma severely damage self-esteem, and can have wide ranging impacts on women’s ability to manage daily life affairs, for example: she may be financially illiterate due to being forbidden to handle money, she may find it very hard to connect socially with others and have very little idea about how to ask for what she wants and needs.”

McAuley Community Services for Women has received funding to help it further develop a comprehensive personalised independent living skills program to address these complex issues.

The program is made up of practical and relevant training modules that women choose to participate in to achieve their goals of independence, social connectedness, health, wellbeing and employment.

The funding will help to set up the program in this pilot phase, including establishing partnerships with lawyers, banks, artists and musicians to provide sessional training.

The program will be offered to all residents at McAuley House and McAuley’s 20 independent properties, as well as other local family violence refuges.