Kelly Jordan Captures Mum & Me

Renowned Melbourne photographer Kelly Jordan is accustomed to capturing joyful moments in her images. This month, to support McAuley Community Services for Women, she is helping change a reality and create and new image for women and children.

Kelly is part of our High Tea Appeal running through May. It isn’t the first time she has lent her name, expertise and skills to our organisation.In the past, she has done some probono work for McAuley Community Services for Women including capturing the Twentyfour/7 cocktail event, creating some of the imagery used on this website and our other publications.

“I think it’s an amazing organisation, empowering women to believe in themselves and escape a cycle of violence and/or homelessness,” Kelly said.

To boost the appeal, Kelly has teamed up withwith Lilly & Lolly, to run a mini ‘Mum and Me’ portrait session day, especially for Mum and kids to celebrate Mother’s Day and to help our organisation.

To secure your booking, Kelly and Lilly & Lolly request that a minimum $25 donation be made to McAuley Community Services for Women. Photographic packages will be offered by Kelly Jordan Photography for images captured during each 15 minute portrait session.

The sessions will be held on Saturday May 9 at Lilly & Lolly, 61 Cardigan Place Albert Park.

Kelly said she hoped her colleagues, as well as the general community, would support McAuley Community Services for Women.

“This isn’t any issue for any one group, it’s a social issue. More people need to be aware of the funding it takes to help women and their children in crisis, that often leave a traumatic environment with nothing. The connection of Mother’s to their children is an amazing bond, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this Mother’s Day than to capture some of those relationships and help with a very worthy cause at the same time,” Kelly said.

To take advantage of this beautiful offer, please donate $25 per portrait session here.

Take a look at Kelly's website for more info.