Kensington Backyard Sessions: all about connection

One day in 2016 Kensington resident and musician Tim Solly, a new dad with a four-month-old baby, realised he barely knew his neighbours and had few connections in his local community.

He decided it wasn't really the sort of community he wanted his daughter to grow up in, so he began thinking of ways to build links and friendships. He thought that leisurely Sunday afternoons of music and fun, hosted in local backyards, 'might just be a crazy enough idea to work.'

A social media callout soon got the ball rolling, and since then in the warmer months, Kensington Backyard Sessions has become a regular and popular event.

Between 45 and 60 people bring their picnic rugs and gather for a relaxed afternoon, with local musicians providing the entertainment. There is, of course, a sausage sizzle, and a good time is had by all.

The last piece of the puzzle was deciding that the sessions would be even more awesome if they benefited local charities. For each event, the host gets to nominate their preferred organisation, and this month McAuley was lucky enough to be the chosen recipient.

We really appreciate the efforts of Tim and other locals, and were thrilled to receive their donation of $670 towards our services.