McAuley Fundraising

McAuley Community Services for Women relies on community support to continue helping women and their children escaping family violence and those who are homeless. Your support is needed to keep a mother and her child in a safe and supportive environment, with clothing, personal necessities, access to legal advice and connection to other services. McAuley supports more than 600 women every year.

Tax Time 
McAuley received $6000 in donations last year in the lead up to tax time (June 30). This year we are hoping to double that figure. So please, consider McAuley as you finalise your tax for the year and remember that all donations to McAuley over $2 are tax deductible. Donate now.

Mother’s Day 
Many of you generously supported out ‘tea cup’ Mother’s Day appeal this month. The appeal’s powerful image of the broken tea cup turned up in schools, workplaces and the media. We thank those who responded and contributed to the $2275 raised.

The Vagina Monologues 
The Vagina Monologues was held at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne as a fundraiser for McAuley as part of the V-Day celebrations. Based on author Eve Ensler’s interviews with women around the world, this witty and moving collection of tales give voice to a chorus of outrageous, poignant, brave and human stories. Over $5000 was raised for McAuley. A big thank you to the many actresses and organisers who donated their time and expertise to this fantastic fundraising event.

McAuley Rose 
The McAuley Rose for Valentines Day appeal was launched for the first time in February. Supporters had the opportunity to purchase an image of a beautiful McAuley rose for $15 and send it to a friend or loved one as a 'virtual' Valentine’s Day gift. It was a great success with over $2000 raised. Look out for next year’s Valentine’s Day ‘gift’.

Only 54% of McAuley’s funding comes from the Government so your continued care is needed.