On The Ninth Day of Christmas My Wish Came True

ON the Ninth Day of Christmas My Wish for Pampering and Relaxing Came True

Some people want a bit of pampering in the busy days before Christmas. But for the women at McAuley House this Christmas wish comes true each month when volunteers from Young Mercy Links turn up with their creams and lotions and give the women a chance to be pampered.

Bernadette Inman, coordinator of Young Mercy Links, said the pampering sessions were an opportunity to show the women, many homeless because of family violence or mental illness, that they are important and worthy of care. The Young Mercy Links volunteers are also committed to continuing the work of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.

The monthly sessions took on a real Christmas flavour recently when the volunteers sang carols and gave the women gifts that they had made. One volunteer, Isabella Farchione, made all the women a silver ring, featuring a natural stone, and another made cupcakes for supper.

“Our sessions are always about relaxing, making the women feel pampered and special. And they know we are not there to judge their skin type and try to sell them products. We are not there to give them a makeover. We are there as companions and women, talking to other women,” Bernadette said.

One woman told Bernadette at the Christmas celebration that she loved the monthly visits because it was ‘respite from the everyday stuff she had to manage’.

“Sometimes we just sit in comfy chairs and massage a woman’s hands and talk to her,” Bernadette said. “But always, there’s a lot of fun and a lot of laughing, especially at Christmas.”

We thank the Young Mercy Links volunteers for their love and commitment and the Sisters of Mercy for providing funding for the products used at the relaxation and pampering sessions each month.