Running for McAuley

Melbourne secondary student Clare Myers wants to rid the world of injustice and her focus for now is homelessness and violence against women and children. Due to the influence of her parents, both involved in the media and charities, she has developed a passion for social justice and has ideas of her own on how to make the world a better place. It’s the reason Clare is running in this year’s Melbourne Marathon.

As part of her school’s enrichment program, Clare spent two days at McAuley House. Whilst there she helped out with administration, cooking, cleaning and joining in the recreation program. She formed close relationships with the recreation workers, case workers and the ladies themselves.

Those two days have spurred her onto Run For McAuley as part of the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday 12 October. She’s also garnered the support of ten friends to join her in a bid to raise over $5,000.

“Like many people I thought that homelessness was about people sleeping on the streets. I really had not made the link between family violence and homelessness,” Clare said.

Homelessness is when a person does not have a place to call home. The people you see on the street, sleeping rough, make up only six per cent of homelessness.

“Spending time with some of the women, who were happy to talk about why they were homeless and the importance of McAuley House, opened my eyes.”

“Reading stories is one thing. But being there and learning who they are taught me about what McAuley does for the women.”

“I have had many opportunities so far and being able to do something I love - Run for McAuley – is just a small token of being able to give back.”

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