This Is How Safety Can Feel

 Dearest Staff (names withheld) and Volunteer staff

Through the stages of our long journey of domestic violence, we have been to many refuges across around 4 states in Australia and roughly stayed in about 15 all up. Starting when my baby girl was just 6 days old we ran into the night only too return. Our story is a story of so many women – unfortunately.

But as the years have passed and the violence and abuse continued, my inner strength has grown. Still fragile, scared, afraid, in fear and with strong feelings of isolation!

12 years later we have been blessed. This meaning we have been heard and helped. We have been extremely fortunate to have been accepted by Safe Steps who placed us in a hotel and then convinced me to go to DAWNS HOUSE. We have had many bad experiences during our darkest times at some of the refuges we were sent to, and many times I felt I had no voice, was still scared, afraid and alone. So as many women do, I returned ‘home’, which to me was a case of ‘better the devil you know’.

But to cut a very long story short our stay here has been a God send. I really am finding it hard to put into words and express how we have been accepted with pure kindness and care throughout our stay.

The childrens laughter, my laughter, all the ladies smiles and laughter (and of course tears as well) have made my inside voice real and strong.

We have a long journey ahead I’m sure with bumps in the road. But honestly with the help we have received here, I have never received before. Your work here is invaluable and God bless you all. I and the children will never forget you all.

Thankyou so so much for all of your advice, wisdom, caring and compassion.

I feel I can continue this journey with strength and courage thanks to all your support.

As I said it’s so hard to put it into words what you all mean to me. I will miss you all terrible. But will be also grateful and smile that we were one of the lucky ones to be sent to “DAWNS HOUSE”.

You Really Angels – God Bless.

(family names withheld)



Caption: This picture was drawn by the woman’s daughter and she wrote:

Dear friends being here with you guys has made me feel very special and safe. I have had a great time playing with all the voliters too and I defently had the best birthday any girl could have in the holle world.