Twelve Batmi

Twelve Batmi is an organisation in which girls approaching the Jewish ‘coming-of-age’ year work together with their parents to volunteer for a meaningful cause.

Once again we have been fortunate that McAuley is one of the organisations to benefit. A recent activity for girls taking part in Twelve Batmi was to put together Mother’s Day gifts for women supported by our services.

Twelve Batmi co-ordinator Moran Dvir said: ‘Family violence isn’t an easy topic to broach, especially with impressionable twelve-year-old girls, but we were proud of their mature, thoughtful approach to the afternoon.

‘It was great to hear from Tanya, McAuley’s Community and Schools Engagement Officer. We listened to the challenges mums and kids face when they escape violence, and what abuse can look like in its various forms.

‘With a clear picture of who we were helping and why, our families got to work assembling bags of donated gifts. We also made fleecy blankets for young children who had fled home with little or no belongings.

‘We talked about the comfort that the blankets, so lovingly made by our families, would bring to the children as they embarked on their difficult journeys. The girls also wrote beautiful messages showing their empathy for the mums. Families worked in small groups making colourful ribbon wreaths to bring colour and cheer into their lives.

‘Parents who worked alongside their daughters said the experience was “inspiring, moving and productive’” and “helpful, informative and thought provoking”. One parent said she was delighted to watch her daughter make the gift bags: ‘She was smiling all the time obviously thinking about the joy these gifts would bring to someone in need.'