Volunteers' Week - Thank You Tari Miller

 At 11 Tari Miller is already making a difference to the world – at least to the women at McAuley House. Tari and her friends and their parents volunteered to run a working bee at McAuley House recently because they wanted to help create a lovely garden space and cook some yummy food for the staff and women at the house.

The girls and their parents organised the working bee as part of the Twelve Batmitzvah Program. Twelve is a volunteering program for girls who are having their Batmitzvah.

“A Batmitzvah is when a Jewish girl turns 12 and has to begin to take responsibility for her own actions. The Twelve program teaches us that there are people less fortunate than us and that we can help people in need,” said Tari, who embraced the program enthusiastically.

As well as making a significant contribution to McAuley House by working in the garden and cooking lovely food, the group also had a great community day.

“It’s really good and important to be working as a group, because you can achieve more together than you would on your own and it was fun working with other people,” she said. Tari worked in the garden with her father, Davin, and many other parents and children from the group.

Tari said group leaders chose McAuley House and she is glad they did because it gave her an insight into the lives some women live and the difficulties they face.

“I didn’t know about McAuley House but now I understand that some women can become homeless because they have mental health issues or because of family violence.”