Pickett St house warming gift

Few people give $20,000 housewarming gift, but McAuley Community Services for Women has some very generous friends. We recently received a load of new linen and towels from Canberra-based construction company Nikias Diamond. The linen was intended for a Hotel project but was not used.

Nikias Diamond staff looked around for an organisation that could benefit from the donation and heard about McAuley Community Service for Women’s new building in Pickett St, Footscray.

“We thought it was such a great opportunity to give all the linen and towels to the one place we didn’t need to look any further. I know McAuley Community Services for Women is Victorian, but they are Australian women using the facility and we need to help support them,” a Nikias Diamond spokeswoman said.

“We hope the linen and towels can be used at the new place being built.”

The 64 boxes of linen are valued at between $20,000 and $30,000.

The donation of the linen wasn’t the end of the story or the involvement of McAuley Community Services for Women supporters.The linen arrived in Melbourne due to the support of Catherine Circle member Claire Ewart-Kennedy’s company, Winning Edge Presentations and Capital Logistic Group. Thanks to both organisations.

Caption: McAuley Community Services for Women's Kaillee Dyke helps unload some of the new linen.