Well Run

19 October 2015

Some people call it a fun run, but for Year 11 students Clare Myers, Rohan and James it was hard work, but well worth the effort. The three young people raised $1255 at the weekend’s Melbourne Marathon, running as the #RunForMcAuley team. 

Clare ran last year and convinced her two friends to hit the track this year. Clare and James ran 5.7km and Rohan ran 10K. Organisers believe more than 30,000 people participated in the event's half marathon, 10- and five-kilometre runs and the three-kilometre walk. They were thrilled to have the chance to run a lap of the ‘G at the end of the marathon.

They are now busy planning their next fundraising activities as part of their International Baccalaureate community project and also because they are passionate about ending family violence and homelessness for women and children.

All are in Year 11 and doing International Baccalaureate. They chose McAuley Community Services for Women as their main charity to support as a way of showing that young people do care about homelessness for women, and because the idea of family violence just appals them.

Well done Clare, James and Rohan.