We helped 1,375 women and children in 2017/18

Women kept safe from violence

Children supported alongside their mothers

Children were aged under two

Women supported to look for employment


Support our efforts and help women and children to build new futures free from violence.


Support our work, helping women and children to rebuild their lives.


Media statement: report on offending by former staff member

October 18, 2019

McAuley has responded to a media report on the conviction of a former staff member.

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“A good lunch” was actually great!

October 1, 2019

Our flagship fundraising event for 2019, 'A good lunch', raised over $20,000 for our services, but also put the spotlight on the growing problem of older women becoming homeless.

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WEstjustice partnership leads to alleviation of crippling debts

August 22, 2019

Economic abuse traps women in violent relationships, but through our partnership with the WEstjustice, debts and legal problems are being sorted out. In fact, so far almost $400,000 in debt has been waived.

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A Gardening Australia makeover at McAuley House

August 21, 2019

Watch how ABC's Gardening Australia team helped us transform our rooftop garden into something both beautiful and sustainable.

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Tania: ‘I saw no future for myself’

August 13, 2019

Tania is now living in McAuley House Ballarat and has a positive view of her future after three years of homelessness.

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Our submission to the Royal Commission into Mental Health

August 13, 2019

We have included the voices of women who have told us what works, and doesn't work, in the mental health services they have used over the years, in our detailed submission to Victoria's Royal Commission into Mental Health services.

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Tina’s going to the World Cup!

April 27, 2019

Deciding to join street soccer was a life-changing decision for Tina, helping her to overcome depression and build new networks.

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‘A force for good’: our UHG partnership

April 27, 2019

United Health Group are determined to make real connections with our services and have been energetic and hands-on supporters.

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