Our mission and values

McAuley Community Services for Women

Our vision is that women and children will be safe, supported and empowered to achieve their highest potential: all home safely.

We support women and their children who want to be safe from family violence by providing 24/7 crisis support and temporary accommodation. We work alongside them to plan the steps they need to take to move towards a new life free from violence.

We also provide accommodation and support for women who are homeless, many of whom have also experienced family violence. Our McAuley Houses, in Footscray and Ballarat, are welcoming places for rest, recovery and reconnection.


Creating a world that enables women and children to participate in society on their own terms through innovative services, advocacy and a caring community … so violence and homelessness can be eradicated.

Our values


Women and children coming to McAuley feel that they belong and have the confidence to join other communities


Everyone is met at McAuley as an equal and made to feel at home when they are there


McAuley will respect where women and children come from, and they will be heard and listened to with dignity


Women and children have the right to live at home safely and free of fear


Our foundations 

Catherine McAuley opened the doors of the ‘House of Mercy’ in Dublin, Ireland, in 1827. Her dream of providing disadvantaged women and children with housing, education and religious and social services – enabling them to find a brighter future – had become a reality.

Catherine founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. Led by Mother Ursula Frayne, the Sisters of Mercy first arrived in Australia in 1846. Thirty years ago, the Sisters of Mercy established Regina Coeli (now McAuley House) followed by Mercy Care (now McAuley Care) in 1988.

In 2008 Regina Coeli and Mercy Care services were combined to form McAuley Community Services for Women and expand the Sisters of Mercy’s commitment to women and children and social justice.

Today, Catherine’s founding spirit and ethos continue to live on at McAuley Community Services for Women.