Our leadership team


Jocelyn Bignold

Chief Executive Officer

Carol Vale

Head of Strategic Projects

Felicity Pringle

Head of Advocacy, Fundraising & Marketing

Linda Bradley

Head of Community Services

Seymour Gillot

Head of Corporate Services


Dr Sonja Hood, Chair

Sonja Hood is CEO of Community Hubs Australia, an organisation working across Australia to help to integrate migrants and refugees— particularly women—into the community.

Mark Birrell, Treasurer

Mark is the Chief Financial Officer of Partners Wealth Group. His background includes leadership experience with profit centre and strategic development responsibilities. Mark's strong leadership skills and experiences are an asset to our organisation.

Sr Joan Doyle, RSM

Joan brings a great commitment to pastoral care, education and social welfare. Joan is the current Director of Initial Formation for the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Bridgid Connors

Bridgid Connors is Chief Human Resources Officer with Monash University, an organisation committed to social justice and human rights. Bridgid has always worked in areas that serve to positively impact community wellbeing and improve social justice for all.

Michelle Cotter

Dr Michelle Cotter is Principal at Avila College in Mount Waverley. Leading in a Catholic school community for global citizenship in the twenty first century resonates powerfully with the story of Catherine McAuley and for Catholic girls’ Education.

Sr Christine Coughlan, RSM

Christine Coughlan is a Sister of Mercy, and trained as a teacher at the Teacher Training at Aquinas College. Her ministry at present is supporting the aged Sisters of Mercy.

Dr Anita Morris

Dr Anita Morris is Family Violence Principal Practitioner at the Department of Health and Human Services. She was an expert witness at the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence and she brings her knowledge of honouring children’s voices into our organisation to continue to support initiatives that keep women and children safe.

Angela Scaffidi

Angela Scaffidi is Senate SHJ’s head of change, and she designs, implements and measures change programs for clients in the public and private sector. She has won a range of state, national and international awards for her work in communication. She is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

Rob Scenna

Rob Scenna is Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Church Insurance. He has more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, management consulting and aviation.

Matt Tilley

Matt Tilley has been a Melbourne radio broadcaster for over 25 years, and was introduced to our organisation through MC’ing the Fed Up lunches, before joining the Board in 2016. He believes his involvement is paramount if men as a collective are to begin to take responsibility for the violence perpetrated against women.