A Good Lunch

Unable to attend A Good Lunch…doing good things but want to support older women experiencing or at risk of homelessness? 

You can make a tax deductible donation today in support of the lunch and you will be helping older women experiencing homelessness have access to:

  • safe housing
  • skills development programs
  • health and wellbeing programs working on the physical as well as mental health
  • social inclusion and community support programs
  • access to our employment program
  • and much more through McAuley’s integrated services.

You can support older women experiencing homelessness through “buying” one of our virtual items:

Hug Pac – $50

A Hug Pac is about a vision of a new life with new choices and new growth.  It offers women the ability to face a new day and future with new hope.  It is about thriving and living with joy in your heart every day. All items in a Hug Pac are carefully selected to bring comfort and a bit of pampering!

Suitcase – $100

A suitcase represents a trip, travel, moving.  For women at McAuley House it is a symbol that they are moving into their own place, their new home, somewhere safe and affordable to live.  It’s independence. It’s security. It’s the next phase of their life.

Buy one (or more) today!

Or you can make a donation in lieu of attending the lunch for $140.