Educational support for children affected by family violence

Many children miss weeks of schooling when their mothers leave a violent relationship. As well as the turmoil of abruptly leaving home, school and friends, they miss crucial educational milestones. This can have longer-term consequences for their wellbeing and employment prospects.

We have introduced an education program to make sure children’s schooling doesn’t suffer just because they need to be kept safe from family violence.

We have developed educational resources as well as carefully selecting and training a group of volunteer tutors. They are working with children in our safe houses and refuges, where we now have study nooks with computers and other educational materials.

This program was only possible due to the generous support of the CARI Foundation.

Read more about how our volunteer tutor Catherine is helping children whose education has  been affected by family violence.



Of children have experienced significant disruption to their education

tutoring sessions provided to help address educational gaps

Children give our education program a big thumbs up

We've had some rave reviews for our tutoring program - from the kids themselves.

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