McAuley Works in the news

Employment has a positive impact on women’s self esteem, our CEO Jocelyn Bignold OAM said in a recent article in the Ballarat Courier.

“It is where women tap into their identities as not just victims; they are professional, thriving, independent people at work, part of teams and respected and valued,” she said.

“All of that is opposite to the experience of family violence where they are hurt and denigrated and belittled and humiliated."

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Natalie: ‘now I never have to leave’

Now living in permanent housing in Footscray, Natalie has a sense of optimism about her future.

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Feeling ‘blessed’: how a new job led to a new beginning

‘In my first meetings with her she was still in a state of fear and anguish. She’d lived in refuges and there had been countless intervention order breaches. She also had two young children and was still traumatized and uncertain about what the future could bring.' With our support Amrita was able to get a new job and begin to build a new life free from the constant threat of violence.

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Children give our education program a big thumbs up

We've had some rave reviews for our tutoring program - from the kids themselves.

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What do homeless women need?

In an extraordinary act of generosity, Kerry James has decided to bequeath her house to McAuley.

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When volunteering is a ‘no-brainer’

When Catherine Noonan was asked whether she’d be interested in being part of McAuley’s new tutoring program for children, she leapt at the opportunity.

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“A good lunch” was actually great!

With a focus on the growing problem of older women becoming homeless, our 'Good Lunch' was a thought-provoking event. It raised more than $20,000 for our support services.

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Tania: ‘I saw no future for myself’

Formerly homeless after dealing with addiction and mental health issues, Tania is now living in McAuley House Ballarat. She says safe and secure housing and the support of staff are giving her the space and resources she needs to get her life on track.

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